Collarfinder Management Consultancy Inc

Our Story

The Epitome of Sucess

Our President & CEO Hernard C. Honcolada humble beginnings go way back when he was a recruitment consultant in 2010. After being successful in pairing companies with the right candidates, he envisioned building an executive search company that will not only aid companies in organizing the dream team but will also help job seekers find their way in the corporate world.

While the idea emerged in 2010, he only started personally training individuals for his company in 2013. The goal was to form a group of globally competitive consultants. By the end of that year, he developed his success formula, which his company later on adopted as their motto: RELATIONSHIP + TRANSPARENCY + SERVICE + HEART.

Thanks to his dedication and excellent leadership, he turned his company from a sole proprietorship into a bonafide corporation with lots of good partnership locally and internationally. He sees his company grow into new heights in the coming years.
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Our Vision

What we believe is Simple

By 2025, CollarFinder is one of the top choices of businesses operating in the local and international market in the business consulting industry that continuously provides innovative and excellent services to help other businesses to grow.

Our Mission

CollarFinder helps companies specially the start ups by providing quality
and efficient services. Let us help to grow your business.
CollarFinder is committed to understanding and helping its clients,
particularly the start-up businesses to
strategically solve the problems of their businesses.


WE Are


What we always have

  • Integrity
  • Excellence 
  • Professionalism
  • Customer-Focused
  • Innovativeness
  • Adaptability

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