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  • For start-up Business CollarFinder can do your DTI and SEC registration, just sit back, relax and your business will be registered.

    Business Registration
  • Your company must be law compliant at all times. CollarFinder would help you achieve this. We would function as your protectors.

  • Collarfinder caters recruitment related services like Executive Search, HR Colsuntancy, Recruitment Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

  • We have a team of developers dedicated to help you with application or web development and management.

  • Collarfinder offers an all in-one marketing solutions to your business. We can help you produce quality and consistent output.

  • Our team will utilize a pragmatic approach to aid you in viewing your payroll, accounting and tax requirements need.

  • Collarfinder Management Consultancy Inc. isn't just comost of top-notch recruiters. We are also a community of veteran lawyers, HR personnel, compensation and benefits consultants, and headhunters.


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Our Services

We Build Relationship to our clients.

A business consultancy firm that caters to each of your business needs. Our services range from business registration and consultancy, manpower services – recruitment and executive search, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), HR consultancy, accounting services, Marketing Services and IT consultancy.
The consultations we provide are not just based on the latest business techniques and strategies, but also from our first-hand experiences as entrepreneurs.

Solutions Beyond Expectation

We Provide Special Services
To Our Dearest Clients.

CollarFinder takes your business to a whole new level. We don’t define
companies as small or big businesses. We look for opportunities, potential,
and leverage. Once we have that, we come up with a formula that will lead to
immense growth for the company whether it is already a thriving business or
still learning the ropes of entrepreneurship.

As a business owner, you should be prepared to wear different hats. You need
to juggle one business task to another. Our job, therefore, is to take this one
task of your hands so you can focus on your day-to-day-operations.

Great People. Amazing Services. Beautiful Works.

What Collarfinder Can Offer You ?

Human Resource Services

Collarfinder Management Consultancy Inc. is an HR Solutions Company providing a combination of HR services including Executive Search, Recruitment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, HR Consultancy, and Business Registration in the Philippines. Our offices are located in the business districts of Makati City and Muntinlupa City.

Marketing Services

We believe that a large percentage of business success is credited to the employees, most especially workers with high-level positions. CollarFinder Business Management Inc. also specializes in recruiting executives that fall under C-level positions such as CEO, CTO, CFO, CIO, and many more

IT Services

Technology serves to bridge the gap between businesses. It helps a business thrive, which is why we set out to provide our customers with top-of-the-line maintenance. You can leave the updating, security, and monitoring to our team of experienced IT professionals

Legal Services

Collarfinder is skillful in providing virtual staffing solutions all over the globe. Either you are in need of all-around virtual assistants or niche remote workers knowledgeable in performing functions. Remote staff are loyalty, dignity, and credibility checked for your company needs plus cultural fit, and for your peace of mind. Just like working from home, we prefer you to be relaxed while we do the work for you.

Recruitment Services

We have a team of experienced recruitment associates who can seek the candidate you need for your company. We understand that a company has to go through several processes in a day to keep the business going. Even so, manpower remains to be one of the most crucial factors in business success.

Accounting Services

Our team will utilize a pragmatic approach to aid you in reviewing your payroll, accounting, and tax requirements and needs. Our practical methods of accounting will ensure that you don’t get an “all-in-one” solution for your accounting needs, but one that is truly suited for your business.

Business Registration

For start-up business CollarFinder can do your DTI and SEC registration, just sit back, relax and your business will be registered.

Meet The Founder

A man who’s solely dedicated with his work. Mr. Hernard C. Honcolada. He’s the true master when it comes to leadership; you can even mistake him as a “people reader” because he can sense the motivation and the thinking behind every person.
That’s an amazing talent, and he uses that with leading the team. He also mentors his people; he wants to see them grow. Last but not the least, he sees the beauty in others, and that’s the mark of a true entrepreneur, a true leader. He is indeed an irreplaceable leader and a rare gem nowadays.