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Hernard Honcolada

President & CEO Learn more About Him

Hernard Camunias Honcolada

President & CEO


Hernard Camunias Honcolada also known as Coach Nards is an accomplished CEO and visionary entrepreneur known for his remarkable leadership and business acumen. With a track record of driving companies to unprecedented success, Coach Nards has consistently shown a knack for identifying emerging opportunities in the market. As the CEO of CollarFinder Management Consultancy Inc., he has steered the organization towards new heights of innovation and profitability. Hernard’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 and he has since embarked on a relentless pursuit of innovation and growth. His expertise in the Operations, Human Resource, Business Development, Process Improvement, Business Consulting and his ability to inspire teams to achieve excellence have made him a respected figure in the business world. Coach Nards’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible makes him a true trailblazer in the entrepreneurial landscape, and he continues to leave an indelible mark on the business community.

Pepper BodaBilla

Creative Director Learn More About Him

Pepper Bodabilla

Creative Director


A multi-talented media producer with a continuously growing passion for creating and inspiring content for the Filipino people, Pepper Bobadilla’s goal is to achieve a noble and innovative cause in the media industry. This will be achieved by sharing valuable ideas that will inspire social change in the Philippines.

Pepper Bobadilla has worked with many media companies such as ABS-CBN, Studio 23, and VIVA entertainment. He was a graduate from the University of Santo Tomas and is currently taking his master’s in Media Studies, Majoring in Film at the University of the Philippines.true leader. He is indeed an irreplaceable leader and a rare gem nowadays.

Herbert T. Honcolada

Vice President Learn More About Him

Herbert T. Honcolada

Vice President


He is an accomplished Vice President with a proven track record of driving organizational success. With extensive leadership experience, he excels in aligning corporate objectives with market demands, fostering growth, and maximizing profitability. His strategic mindset and comprehensive industry knowledge allow him to formulate and execute robust business strategies, positioning the organization for sustained success. He possesses strong communication and relationship-building skills, enabling him to engage with key stakeholders and nurture long-term partnerships. With a results-driven approach and a passion for excellence, he is poised to make a significant impact as a Vice President, contributing to the overall growth and profitability of the organization.

Herlyne H. Santos

Corporate Secretary Learn More About Her

Herlyne H. Santos

Corporate Secretary


She is a highly skilled Corporate Secretary known for her exceptional attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of corporate governance. With a meticulous approach to compliance and regulatory requirements, she ensures the organization’s adherence to legal obligations and ethical standards. Her strong organizational and communication skills enable her to facilitate effective board governance, coordinate meetings, and ensure accurate documentation and record-keeping. She excels in fostering transparency, maintaining shareholder relations, and mitigating risks. With a commitment to upholding the integrity of the organization, she is poised to make a valuable contribution as a Corporate Secretary, ensuring sound governance practices and supporting the organization’s overall success.

Hermina H. Sta. Maria​

Recruitment Lead Learn More About Her

Hermina H. Sta. Maria

Recruitment Lead


She is a seasoned Recruitment Lead known for her ability to attract and retain exceptional talent, driving organizational growth and success. With a deep understanding of talent acquisition best practices, she excels in developing innovative sourcing strategies, implementing efficient hiring processes, and building high-performing teams. Her strong interpersonal and communication skills allow her to effectively engage with candidates, assessing their skills and cultural fit within the organization. She is adept at leveraging technology and data-driven insights to streamline recruitment processes and enhance candidate experiences. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, she fosters an environment that attracts top-tier talent and cultivates a high-caliber workforce. With a passion for talent acquisition and a commitment to excellence, she is prepared to contribute to the organization’s success as a Recruitment Lead, driving the acquisition of top talent and supporting the achievement of business objectives.

Kristine Kaye Mercado​

HR Business Partner​ Learn More About Her

Kristine Kaye Mercado

HR Business Partner


Kristine C. Mercado, CHRP®, also known as KAYE, is an accomplished HR Manager with over a decade of experience in the Manufacturing Industry. She has a reputation for motivating and mentoring her staff, and her cheerful personality makes her a trusted influencer. Ms. Kaye is also a sought-after speaker and trainer, specializing in negotiation, work attitude, and leadership skills. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Organizational Development. Currently pursuing a Juris Doctor, she is a Certified Human Resource Professional and a CORE Member of the Philippines HR Group.

Jim Limuel Manlangit​

IT and Admin Assistant​ Learn More About Him

Jim Limuel Manlangit

IT and Admin Specialist


At present, JIM is currently working as an IT Developer & Admin Specialist at CollarFinder Management Consultancy Inc. As an IT Developer, he is responsible in developing, coding, installing and creation of software systems for the company. Part of his task is to imrpove the IT process and help the management to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, JIM is part of the HR Department to help the team in sourcing candidates with the right use of technology. He is leading the team to have a strategic approach in getting leads.

Rhonniel M. Bagaoisan

IT Admin & Digital Specialist Learn More About Him

Rhonniel M. Bagaoisan

IT & Head of Operations


Rhon is an invaluable member of the CollarFinder team, excelling as a Graphics and Web Designer. He ensures the company’s website is visually attractive, user-friendly, and responsive. His expertise in Digital Marketing, SEO, and Email Marketing has significantly boosted our online presence and engagement.

Rhon’s skills extend beyond design; he is an adept Project Manager and Head of Operations, streamlining processes and driving growth. His proficiency in WordPress development and talent acquisition has further strengthened our team and projects.

Rhon’s dedication, passion, and eagerness to learn make him a standout contributor to CollarFinder’s success.

Yono Alibusa

IT Consultant Learn More About Him

Yonobev Alibusa

IT Consultant


An accomplished Quality Assurance Team Lead with a substantial background in the information technology and services industry, accumulating 18 years of experience in Software Testing. A skilled professional in quality assurance proficient in both Manual and Automated Testing, Requirements Analysis, Database management, and possessing a comprehensive grasp of Agile methodologies. Yono has a rich history of employment at a prominent IT services company that operates across Hong Kong, mainland China, and Southeast Asia. This company specializes in helping clients attain their business objectives and embark on digital transformation journeys by offering a diverse array of digital services and solutions. Their expertise spans IT and business process outsourcing, cloud computing, system development, solutions integration, managed services, and IoT solutions.

Art Villariaz

Accounting & Finance Head CPA Learn More About Him

Art Villariaz

Accounting & Finance Head

Experienced Accountant with 15+ yrs. experience in all facets of finance and accounting such as Bookkeeping, General Accounting (GL, AR, AP), Financial Reporting (IFRS and GAAP), Management Accounting, Tax and Statutory Reporting, Treasury, Internal Audit and Financial Planning & Analysis.

Worked for local and multinational companies with industries in the Shipping, Oil and Gas, Information Technology, Freight Forwarding/Logistics, and Healthcare under BPO/Shared Services and Corporate set up.

Possess strong analytical, communication, presentation, and time management skills. A valuable individual contributor and a team player and can easily spot system/process improvements. Proven to always deliver tasks in a timely and accurate manner.

Jay Sangalang

HR Manager Learn More About Her

Ma. Jay Anne Sangalang

HR Manager


With a profound commitment to fostering growth and excellence, Jay Anne plays a pivotal role at CollarFinder Management Consultancy Inc. and CollarCodes Digital Solutions, where she seamlessly integrates her expertise in human resources with her passion for education.

As an HR Business Partner, Jay Anne is at the forefront of shaping organizational success. Her strategic insights and people-centric approach contribute to the dynamic synergy between professionals and businesses within CollarFinder and CollarCodes. Beyond the traditional boundaries of HR, she brings a unique perspective that resonates with the modern workforce.