iOS Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the design and maintenance of business logic and underlying data structure related to the sports module.
  2. Responsible for the development and architecture design of multimedia-related basic components.
  3. Responsible for the key and difficult technical tasks of the project and the accumulation of relevant components.
  4. Continuously optimize products, improve product quality, and establish technical barriers between competing products.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or above in a computer-related major.
  2. More than 3 years of iOS native development experience; proficient in Objective-C; skilled in using C/C++ for cross-platform development; familiar with the iOS system operating mechanism, kernel, and mobile terminal features and solutions.
  3. Excellent coding habits, a good understanding of common coding techniques such as design patterns, and familiarity with network programming and databases.
  4. Applicants with experience in handling sports-related business will be given priority.
  5. Have rigorous logical thinking, a strong sense of responsibility for products, and good communication, coordination, and cooperation skills.
Work Set-up: Onsite Work-from-home
Work Specification: Full-time
Work Location: Paranaque
Salary Range: Salary Negotiable

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