Settlement Specialist

For Editorial Department (5 Positions)

Job Description:

  1. Data and Content Collection: Collect data and content based on event names and team names, and formulate an editing plan.
  2. Content Processing: Process content according to professional standards, ensuring that data and video content quality meet the requirements for publication, release, and display.
  3. Manuscript Publishing: Process data and names, and publish manuscripts.
  4. Quality Supervision: Check and supervise data and content quality, and collect reader/user feedback.


For Proofreading and Billing Department (15 Positions)

Job Description:

  1. Daily Business Data Management: Sort and enter daily business data, gain an in-depth understanding of the business, work with cutting-edge business processes, and conduct statistical data work.
  2. User Behavior Analysis: Conduct in-depth analysis of user behavior data to guide product operations and apply insights to bring actual business value.
  3. Product Operation Strategies: Use data to guide product operation strategies and improve user experience.
  4. Data Construction and Process Updates: Oversee the company’s data construction, follow up on updates to each business line process, facilitate cross-department cooperation, and achieve expected quality.
  5. Statistical Reporting: Prepare and report statistical tables, establish, and improve the statistical big data ledger.
  6. Statistical Methods Improvement: Combine the statistical indicator system and improve statistical methods.
  7. Game Results Adjustment: Adjust game results, guide proofreading of similarities and differences between the KMG handicap and the 188 handicap, and the differences in odds change times, making necessary system adjustments.
Work Set-up: Onsite
Work Specification: Full-time
Work Location: Paranaque
Salary Range: Salary Negotiable

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