Tugboat Captain


Tugboat captains are responsible for the safe operation of tugboats. They’re on the front lines when it comes to moving large vessels in and out of port, as well as maneuvering them through busy waterways. Tugboat captains must have a thorough understanding of maritime law and safety regulations, as well as an ability to effectively communicate with other vessel operators.


  • Communicating with other ship operators, harbor pilots, and port officials regarding navigational safety rules and regulations
  • Manage a crew of deckhands and apprentices who take care of the maintenance of the boat.
  • Monitoring weather conditions to ensure the safety of the vessel and crew
  • Maintaining logs of all activities on board the boat including fuel consumption during trips, repairs made during downtime, and other relevant information
  • Supervising the loading and unloading of cargo aboard ships in harbors and ports
  • Navigating the boat through difficult waters or narrow channels using knowledge of tides, currents, and wind patterns
  • Controlling the speed of the boat using the engine controls or rudder to steer the boat in the desired direction
  • Inspecting equipment and machinery on board the boat for damage or wear and making repairs as necessary
  • Maintaining safety standards on board the vessel by enforcing regulations regarding safety equipment, life preservers, fire drills, and other procedures 
  • Other duties to ensure the overall success of the department and business.


  • Must be a licensed Boat Captain with restriction 2
  • At least 2nd Class Radiotelephone Operator or General Operator Certificate.
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat 
  • The candidate must possess the following qualities:
  • Analytical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Keen to details
  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  •  Willing to assigned in any location as required.
Work Set-up: Hybrid Onsite
Work Specification: Full-time
Work Location: Quezon City
Salary Range: Salary Negotiable

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