9 Advantages of Hiring an Executive Search Firm for Key Positions

Executive recruiter firms are professional services firms that specialize in providing managerial candidates to employers. They help organizations find the right person for the right position, often through a specialized search process. Executive search firms have ample experience with corporate and organizational needs. Their services include not only executive recruiting, but also executive assessment, coaching and development because they know that success is not just about hiring someone into the right job; it’s also about developing them to be their best at every stage of their careers.

1. The organization needs a growth-oriented leader “who has the skills and relationships necessary to grow a new market, establish a new service offering, or bring transformational change to the existing corporate culture”

2. The leader you need has a unique background. A high-quality search firm has the resources and vast relationships to hit the ground running on your search, thus cutting down on the time it will take to complete your search.

3. The culture that has been fostered within your company is truly unique. “Rigorous evaluation and in-depth interviewing are necessary to ensure that each candidate presented has the right personality and cultural mindset to fit in,

4. Traditional search methods have failed. The A+ talent is gainfully employed and happy with their current firms. “The best thought leaders need to be personally contacted and provided compelling reasons to consider new opportunities,”. This targeted, highly disciplined approach will vastly increase the depth of your candidate pool throughout your industry.

5. A new outlook and fresh perspective is needed. Perhaps you are not 100 percent certain that the internal candidate is the best candidate.

6. Confidentiality is critical. Search firms work discretely and have the ability to handle sensitive engagements.

7. A thorough search is time-consuming and demanding. Most senior executives cannot dedicate the time and effort necessary to conduct an effective search.

9. Executive and senior management positions are compensated at higher levels because their value to the organization is critical.

It is critical that leadership positions are filled with the best talent as quickly and reliably as possible. The cost of a key vacant position within your organization could literally be thousands of dollars in lost revenue per day.