10 Reasons to be thankful for your job

Here are 10 things for which most employees should be thankful. Hopefully, you can relate to more than a few.

1.  Good Management – Who among us has worked for someone and thought, “How did they get this position?” When you’ve worked for a less-than-stellar boss, everything becomes more challenging, ultimately weighing on the organization as a whole. Good management is key to success, so when you have a manager who exhibits great leadership, be thankful

2. Honest-to-Goodness Co-Workers – Working on a team where trust is commonplace is extremely relieving. Trust breeds loyalty, which breeds productivity. You don’t have to worry if John did his work; you know it will get done and get done right. This is invaluable, so next time you see John, thank him.

3. Workflow Efficiency – This is a rarity, but it does occur. If you work in an organization where everything runs smoothly, say your thanks a million times over.

4. Compassionate Ownership – If they love it, you love it, too. It’s infectious.

5. Accessible Resources – It’s common for businesses to be understaffed, behind on technology or even be too small. In these instances, resources are scarce, which can cause workplace friction. If you are lucky enough to have all the tools available to perform your duties, again, be thankful.

6. Low Stress Levels – Every job comes with its fair share of stressful times and everyone finds their own coping mechanisms. However, if you work for a company that strives to keep these levels low, count your lucky stars.

7. Benefits – Not everyone has the luxury of putting away money for retirement through such circumstances. If your company offers real benefits, you’re among the lucky few.

8. Continuing Education – Not every business sees this as a necessity, but those that do reap the rewards. Offering employees ongoing training is a smart business move. If you attend regular training sessions at work, give thanks to your organizational leaders for seeing your potential and wanting to invest their time to help you grow.

9. Employee Appreciation – There is a day dedicated to this, but do you feel appreciated at work on a day-to-day basis? If you do, you’re in the right place.

10. A Culture Worth Raving About – Unfortunately, examples of outstanding company culture are few and far between. A workplace culture tells us what to do when the CEO isn’t in the room. More importantly, culture is about the employees and creating a fun work environment. 

After reading this, hopefully you’ve found reason to sing positive praise. If anything, be thankful you have a job. The rest is just icing on the company cake!