10 Signs the you love your job

At a time when it seems that more people are taking jobs out of necessity rather than passion, it may be difficult to imagine that people exist who really love their jobs. While you may not refer to your job as your BFF or dream of your cubicle each night, you may actually be one of those people.

Do you ever have days where you tell yourself “If someone offered me a nickel, I’d leave right now”? Everyone does. There are very few jobs where employees are actually giddy about being at work every single day. Yet, some genuinely love their work. Here are 10 signs that you love your job.

1.  Less Gossip More Happiness

People who love their jobs generally focus on the positive aspects of their co-workers. Instead of gossiping and looking for negativity, you celebrate accomplishments and are happy for each other.

2.  You Volunteer Instead of Hoping No One Notices You

In a Dharmeh Shah says people who love their jobs think “I hope to get to…” instead of, “I hope I don’t have to…” You volunteer for new projects and make new goals which you are excited to tackle, rather than hiding under your desk hoping everyone forgets you work there.

3.  You View Your Customers as People

You don’t see clients and customers as numbers but instead, real people, and you form legitimate relationships with them. You realize that customers have needs and you are glad that you are the one who has been chosen to help them with those needs.

4.  Time Flies

You don’t feel like you’re in prison waiting to be paroled at 5:00. Sometimes, you don’t even notice it’s time to go home. People who hate their jobs generally can’t wait to be released because they consider happiness to exist only outside of work.

5.  You Would Recommend Your Job or Company

No one refers their friends to jobs they hate unless they also hate that friend. If you would recommend your job, career field or company to a friend or family member, you are usually happy at your job.

6.  You Are Awake During Meetings

You enjoy meetings because you get a chance to not only socialize with your co-workers a bit, but you also enjoy the team work involved in making decisions and changes. You also want to be a part of every step and every part of the process required in job goals.

7.  You Work With Your Manager

Your manager trusts you, values, respects you and most certainly knows that he or she can depend on you. You don’t work for your manager, you work with your manager.

8.  Your Co-workers Depend on You

And you don’t want to let them down, not because you will be penalized for it, but because you want them to continue to admire you as much as you admire them.

9.  Promotions Are Nice, But So Is Fulfillment

You appreciate promotions and earning money but you gain so much more from your job that if you were offered a higher paying salary and left, you would probably still miss it. When it comes to jobs, you can’t always place a dollar amount on benefits like fulfillment and gratification.

10.  Retirement Sounds Really Boring

Some people drag their legs through employment always dreaming of the day they are free and can retire to their sofas. When you love your job, retirement sounds more like a really boring vacation that lasts too long, rather than an escape.

Other signs that you may love your job include being excited about your to-do list, helping co-workers without even thinking about it and having an overall positive outlook on the future of your job. People who love their jobs don’t think about the possibility of losing their jobs but instead, how many ways they can make the biggest impact.