6 Tips to stay consistent in blogging

The write life. You’re the writer of your own blogs. Yes, call yourself a writer now if you’re a blogger. Congratulations! You’re one step ahead to writing your first novel. Alright, let’s get in topic. Shall we?
Writing for the very first time for your blogs is easiest part with regards to blogging. Trust me on this. Producing one content is a piece of cake. Everyone can do that. But the test is: can you do it consistently, though? We all know that blogging for your business has a whole lot of benefits, such as generating leads and bolstering your online brand awareness. So why doesn’t every business do it?

Try to scan other business websites. You’ll see blogs posts that are not up to date. So the mission of this article is to teach each and every one of you (aspiring bloggers) to be consistent. Here’s how:


One of the root cause of writer’s block is: running out of ideas. Well, what’s good news is, as a writer, you’ll have random ideas pop in your head while you’re off to work; you’re in the process of making an article; when you’re about to leave the office; when you’re cooking. Ideas just come to you in a weird way, or should I say in an unexpected way.

You have to catch those ideas and never let them go away. Always have a notebook with you or if you’re not a fan of bringing notebooks with you every time. Then just list it down on your phone. Surely, your phone has a note taking application.

Never disregard the power of that eureka moment. It’s vital to have a pile of ideas listed down for you to avoid writer’s block.


What do I happen to mean by this? Does it sound complicated to you? Well, it’s not. Allow me to explain. Researching is the first and foremost step to article writing. It’s the writer’s bullet in order to write good contexts.

But I incorporate a free writing day with my write-ups to avoid the legwork of research. I have a one day writing for free that does not involve research. I dig deep in my experiences and extract lessons from that, and put it on paper.

Well, it doesn’t have to be your experience all the time. You should also observe the people around you, and make them the protagonist of your write-ups. Tell their story and make a lesson out of it. Then, share it to your readers. You can get this tip from me and incorporate it in your writing. You can have two days of well-researched article generation, and one day writing for free.

No experience is exactly the same; it could be a bit similar, but never the same for each person. So, share that experience of yours through your blogs. I’m waiting, dear.


Somebody called you off because of a grammar blunder? Write. Having a bad day at work? Still, continue to write. Not feeling confident with your writing? Write, still. Got fired from your job? Still, write that article of yours. Got suspended from work? Get yourself in front of your laptop and start writing. Had a fight with your lover? Write about it. Got rejected from the job that you’re applying for? Write about what happened from start to finish in a detailed-manner. Somebody reckons that your writing isn’t any good? Write more than you ever did before.

Write every day. Instead of thinking about what topic you are going to write; just write what frustrates you; write what you’ve experienced; write your emotions; write about the topics that you feel passionate about; write about what’s making you annoyed that day.

Write it on your Microsoft word or write in on a paper, or in your notepad. It’s your choice.

This would help cultivate the art of writing in you and if you do this consistently, writing would be second nature to you and you won’t even think about it every day; you’ll just get up in the morning and start doing it.


I personally scheduled blog days every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have already committed myself to produce content on the mentioned days, no matter what. Yours could be different. You might want it to be, every Tuesday and Thursday. You choose your own. You choose your schedule as a writer. That’s the privilege of a writer. But make sure, that you stick to it, like your life depends on it, because it does.


One of the hurdles of sitting down and doing the work for most writers is: fear. They get frightened that their work would be criticized by other people. Can I be honest with you? Your work is going to be criticized anyway; whether it’s a good art or a bad art. So why don’t you sit down and just write it anyway?

Nike says: “Just Do It.”
I say: “Just Write It.”


As a writer, it’s inexorable that you’re not going to read other people’s work (e.g. other people’s articles, books, short stories, poems). You’re a writer, so you probably can’t help but be drawn to reading too aside from writing; because that’s a natural proclivity for writers. As you peruse all these literary contexts, you feel compelled to emulate their article topics, the way it was delivered. You say to yourself: “Oh, I should specifically write like this.” Or “I should copy his or her writing style.”

Another situation is with regards to people. People always say stuff like this: “You should write an article about rocket science.” Or “No, you should write like this.”

Sounds familiar? Well, I’m here to tell you that if you don’t like to write an article about ‘eagles’ or ‘wild animals.’ Then you have the freedom to not write about it, dear. You don’t have to copy other people’s writing style. You don’t need to feel pressured to write about something you know your heart’s not into.

You have your own unique way of delivering your words into the world. You have topics that you feel compelled to write. Write that. Only write what you can write best. Only write what you’re passionate to talk about. In that way, you can deliver well written context in a lovely way because it came from the heart. Take the pressure off and just start writing!

Takeaway # 1

You can write anything under the sun. As long as your write-ups have one of this four core mission that I originally created:

1. To educate
2. To inspire
3. To entertain
4. To engage

Takeaway # 2

Don’t be a writer/blogger if you hate:

1. Heavy Reading
2. Researching
3. The idea of sitting down in front of a blank page and start putting words on that blank page.
4. Being criticized for your work of art.
5. Being criticized for your grammar blunder.
6. Writing. Writing must be the thing that completes your day. A hobby that you can’t stand a day without doing it.

Don’t be a part-time writer. The world is waiting for your story. Write it now.
Happy writing!