3 Strategies to fill execute position


People who have excellent skills in job placement go beyond than just looking through traditional job ads. They also have the luxury of tapping through multiple channels such as online job sites, employee networks, as well as marketing knowledge that can help them look for a suited candidate.

In a company, there are usually many positions to fill, but there’s no doubt that the most critical to get done is executive roles. To look for a capable candidate, here are the key elements you need for your job placement plan.

1. Knowing How To Use Social Media For Professional Means

You will need to make use of social media to look for potential candidates, but most importantly, you need to train yourself and your staff how to use social media for professional use effectively. By doing so, you and the rest of the HR team will be able to attract talents. It’s okay if you can search for skilled candidates, but it would be better if you let them come to you.

2. Encourage Employees To Represent The Company

This might be the last thing you can think of with regards to looking for talents, but by doing so, you will increase your employees’ chances of meeting new people and connections.

It’s possible that you don’t even need a candidate during seminars or talks wherein your employee represents the company. However, right after the discussion, there is always a social gathering before everyone waves goodbye. People will be exchanging business cards. You never which of these contacts can be a good candidate in the time to come.

3. Partnership With Educational Institutions

If your industry does not involve education, it might seem odd wanting to partner with these companies.

However, having this type of connection lets you target young people in different educational fields. Every year, people are being added to the workforce. This gives you an unlimited pool of candidates.

Knowing how to connect with and how to use these connections can go a long way with helping you find a perfect match for your executive positions, but most importantly you need to curate an efficient process.

When sifting through resumes and cover letters, you want nothing more but for the cream of the crop to accept your job offer. However, for people who are highly skilled and efficient, they also receive several proposals in a day. With that, one of the best things you can do on your end is to make sure your candidates get a swift and timely response from you regarding their queries.