Pride and Ego - The enemy of success and effective leadership. This might be what's hindering you to move forward.

How To Spot an Egotistical Person?

Have you ever met a person who always talk about themselves? Even if you change the topic, they somehow have this ability to always shift the conversation back to themselves. The person you know who’s hypercritical about themselves, the people who can’t take criticism in a positive way. I’m talking about constructive criticism here. Don’t even get me started with saying that it’s just “Confidence.”Confidence is different from being egotistical. Don’t even mention the people with a little bit of stubbornness inside of them but at the back of their minds, they’re still open to new ideas, advice, and constructive criticism from other people.

That’s not the people that I’m pertaining to, I’m talking about the people who are on top of the arrogance scale. These are the people with unhealthy sense of grandiosity within themselves to the point that it actually affects their happiness, their career, their relationship with other people, their overall perception, and their life. These are the people who are egotistical. These are the kind of people you must avoid because they have a fixed mindset, they don’t want to change. If you have a colleague who’s like this or a family member and you can’t cut them off from your life totally. Then make sure that you minimize contact with them as they will consume your mind and the next thing you know your mind has already been corrupted by negativity, and this is not productive for you.

What’s Pride Then? How Can You Recognize Pride Within Yourself and From Others?


For Business Owners or Future Leaders of the Next Generation

A great CEO once told me before, “If you’re not open to correction, that’s the end of your learning curve. It means that you’re not open for correction, therefore you don’t want to learn anymore.”

I’ve meditated on his word, and I realized that he was absolutely correct on that one. That’s why I wrote it here for it to be shared to you.

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’re going to lead people. That’s a given fact. Of course, you’ll have more tenure than your employees especially if you’re a start-up company. You may see yourself as superior from your employees, you’re the boss, right? So whatever it is that you say is the right thing to do. Well, that’s pride right there. It’s like you’re giving off a vibe that you already know everything and that the opinions and ideas of other people doesn’t matter no more because you’re always right. If you’re this kind of CEO, I’m telling you right now, you’re not going to last in the market long enough. Your business is going to be short-lived.

Why not have a different approach?

I encourage you to be the CEO that allows your employees to have a voice in your company, allow them to voice out their opinions. Your most quiet employee might have a great idea on how to boost your revenue but that person might not be suggesting because of your rule of not allowing employees to have suggestions. Being an entrepreneur and the CEO of your own company doesn’t equal knowing it all. Always have a student mindset, because even if you’re already on the top of your game, there’s always something you could learn from people, situations, your employees, and etc.

For Employees

If you’re an employee and you have a fixed mindset about things, it just means you don’t have anymore room for improvements. You want it to stay that way. Imagine if we still have beeper in today’s day and age, people from the old days have not pushed for something better, a better channel of communication, then we might not have our smart phones that we gladly use today. And if ever you’re corrected by one of your superiors, you get really annoyed and stubborn, that’s pride over there again. Shake off this erroneous attitude and allow yourself to absorb fresh insights from other people.

Final Words

Can you see the connection of pride and ego with our life? It literally affects everything. You see, every chapter of our life is a learning process. Finishing college doesn’t mean you already stopped being a student, maybe on the academic side, but not in life, being a manager doesn’t stop you from being a student, being a CEO, a mother, a father, a guru, anything. There’s always something to learn each day. Be like a sponge, absorb everything. By doing that, you might be the one doing the teaching to younger generations in the future. The bonus part is, you’ll be able to teach them and learn from them at the same time. Have an open mind people. Leave pride and ego out of the door!