5 Things not to do when using social media as your marketing platform

Social media is of great help in everyone’s lives from our personal life, to helping small and large businesses gain online presence to the digital world, to making it easier to communicate with our loved ones from one country to another. We’re living in a world where anything is possible. Kudos to social media.

If you’re a business owner and you’re using social media to strengthen your marketing tactics; that’s a prodigious strategy right there. I embolden you to keep it up. But there are some handful of warning signs that you need to watch out for, because you might be doing these boo-boo and you might not be aware that you’re doing it. I’ll write you 5 things not to do when using social media to promote your business.


If a prospective customer visits your website and that person skims through it chances are, they’re not going to stay long enough on your business website because in reality, nobody cares about your business or your products. You gotta give that person a reason to stay on your website, and that is through writing blogs consistently.

If you visit the blogs section of most companies out there, you’ll see their blogs are not up to date. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, writing blogs consistently is one of the key to optimize your digital marketing strategy.


There are plenty of businesses out there that keep their blog posts up to date. That’s wonderful! But if your blog section talks about nothing but promoting your products, writing about your services, then that’s absolute rubbish! Again, people are not interested with your business. You have to provide your customers value, if you do this consistently, only then would they start paying attention on your business.


One great example for this is a Business Consulting Firm. One service that this type of business provides is the recruitment service. They find the best people for the job based on the qualifications given by the firm’s client.

If the person in charge of the social media job postings didn’t repeat posting ads the next day, then the firm might be missing out people that are online the next day who are actively looking for a job. Here’s the thing, just because you posted an ad on a job portal doesn’t mean every person who’s actually looking for a job saw that. Not everybody’s on their laptop or cellphone at that particular moment.

So it’s very crucial to repeat posting your ads. I’m sure you know CNN (Cable New Network), try to observe their shows played at 8:00 a.m. That show would be played again at 3:00 p.m. And then 6:00 p.m. It repeats its shows. If you understand the underlying tactic right there and apply it to your business, you’ll be hundredfold ahead of your competitors.


If you post a job ad on a job portal and then someone comes along and asks you, “Where is this located?” Despite the fact that your job ad postings was of complete detail. It’s easy to get angry and come back with a sarcastic answer because we’re human too, we still have emotions at the end of the day. But as one of Guy Kawasaki’s rule for social media marketing, “Always be positive, if not then shut up!” You have to put aside your negative emotions when we’re talking business here. Responding positively doesn’t have to happen only on Mondays or Fridays. It has to be done every single day!


Customers are the most important element of your business next to money. Some might disagree on this but how can you have revenue without your wonderful customers? If your employees have you as a boss. Then your boss are your customers. You gotta pay attention to their needs and their experience with your service. Listen to them. The goal is to have loyal and repeat customers, whatever the type your business is. If you run a business and it involves selling make-up kits online to your customers. Then the customer ordered from you and said that it must be delivered next Monday. You have to make sure that you’re going to deliver it next Monday. No excuses, no complains, and no delays. Otherwise, your customers are going to be disappointed with you and they might not order from your store again because of a bad customer experience.

Another example is, If you have your own company website, and if a job applicant wants to apply for many job openings that you have, but they have to type their name, age, address, contact number all over again when applying for a job opening, then you have fixing to do.

You don’t want them to repeat the whole process again just to apply for two jobs though. Find a way to make it easy for your customers. Always put yourself on the customer’s shoes.