Can you imagine an organization without an HR Department? Will the company survive even without HR? The answer is NO because HR is important. The company needs this department in order for them to achieve its goals and objectives. With out HR, the company would not be successful.



According to Investopedia, HR is a division of the business that is responsible for finding, screening, recruiting, training job applicants and administering employee benefits programs. In this definition, we can already see that HR is important in all organizations whether it is small or big. Failure of HR in one of its functions will negatively impact the organization in the long run. 

Moreover, HR is important because it is helping the business to keep up with the fast-changing business environment and bigger demands from the employees of this new generation particularly the millennials and the Generation Z.


1. HR is important because it ensures that the company will get the right people. One of the most important roles of the Human Resource Department is Recruitment. The HR must make sure that they are getting the right ones. The Right people are the candidates who not only satisfy the Job Qualifications but they should also possess the qualities that fit in the organization’s culture. 

Failure to get the right people will have a negative impact on the organization. Doing the recruitment or executive search right is extremely important in the company. Hence, many companies invest in their talent acquisition team to ensure that they will be hiring the quality candidates. Others are partnering with Recruitment firms like CollarFinder.

2. HR takes care of the employees of the company in order for them to grow and stay in the company. Many organizations have high turnover rates because the employees do not feel that they are being valued by the company. It is imperative that HR creates retention programs that will help the employees to grow personally and professionally by providing training and seminars that can make them more productive at work.

Moreover, the HR in collaboration with the leaders in the organization must help each other in building a great culture and also in creating good programs that will promote work-life balance for the employees. If HR does not take care of their employees well, their retention rate will decrease and the best employees will leave in the organization which can negatively impact the performance of the organization as a whole.

3. HR is important because they improve the processes in the organization. A poor process can actually demotivate the employees which can lead to resignation. HR is working with the management to improve the processes in each department and also in the organization as a whole to increase productivity and efficiency.

Likewise, HR can help the company to look for ways that can help their business or organization to simplify the processes to save on cost and increase efficiency which has a big impact on the organization’s performance.

4. HR  ensures that the company’s processes and policies are legal. If the organization has no HR, the organization may commit a lot of violations against the laws of the Department of Labor and Employment. HR professionals help in creating policies and guidelines that are fair and compliant to the DOLE.


HR is important to all organizations regardless of its size and industry. It plays a vital role in helping the business to grow bigger and better until it achieves its success in the business world. Hence, organizations should focus more on enhancing its HR department. They can hire HR professionals who have expertise in HR to help them improve it or they can outsource a firm who can help them to achieve the HR goals of the company.