Recruitment Trend in 2022

Many things have changed in the business world. Even in Recruitment, how it is conducted has also changed. Tools used in doing this function, the manner of doing it and new qualifications are some of the evident changes in Recruitment not just in the Philippines but also in the whole world.

Employees are important assets of an organization that is why in the Recruitment process, HR professionals are very thorough in all the processes involved in this function of HR. Embracing the Recruitment trends is also important to ensure that you the perfect candidate for the position will say YES to your offer.

And for 2022, here are the Recruitment trends that HR professionals and companies should watch out for.


1. Virtual Recruitment

It is a trend this 2021 and it will still be a Recruitment trend in 2022. Due to the increasing number of remote workers and also companies that offer flexible work arrangements, virtual recruitment has become necessary. In 2022, there are reports that say that more and more companies will embrace hybrid working and hence, Virtual Recruitment will be done.


2. Employee Experience

Employee Experience matters now. To be successful in hiring, the processes must be enhanced in order to improve the experiences of the applicants during this stage. HR professionals should understand the journey of their applicants on this stage and formulate strategies and tactics to ensure that candidates’ experiences will be memorable and hence, making a decision if they would get the job or not will not be very difficult.


3. Inclusivity and Diversity

Many organizations have started doing this and many companies will be adopting this trend in 2022. We are now living in a society where diversity and inclusivity are present and necessary. Many professionals will prefer to work in a workplace is anti discrimination and promotes equality. In our present society, it matters not just to employees but also to many customers.


4. Soft Skills as qualifications

Aside from hard skills, many companies will include soft skills in the qualifications of job positions. They will look for people who are not just good in the technical aspect but also who have the characteristics that fit their culture.


5. Outsourcing

Many organizations will prefer to outsource their recruitment in 2022. They believe that Recruitment firms like CollarFinder can help them find the right candidates for the vacant positions in their company.  Furthermore, Recruitment Agencies are expert and reliable when it comes to finding the right people for your company.


Above are just some of the Recruitment trends in 2022 according to some studies and research conducted by many companies across the globe. It is extremely important that companies must understand how changes in the environment affect this important function of HR and they should adapt in order to make sure that they do it right because if not, a big problem may occur in the long run.


Remember, in Recruitment, relationship with the candidates or applicants is important and likewise, convincing them to say YES to your job offer.